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Sun Blade

SUN Microsystems SunBlade 150 UltraSPARC- No HDD


Sun Blade 100 502MHz, 256MB Ram, CD, No NVRAM


Sun Microsystems Sun Blade X6250 2x2.5GHz QC 16GB RAM 2x73GB HD


Sun Blade 150, IIe, 550 MHz, 256 MB RAM, No Hard Drive




Sun Blade 2500 Red Workstation Dual 1.28GHz, 8GB, DVD-ROM, 'mirrored' 36GB disk


Lot of 2 Sun T6320 Sun Blade 1.2GHz 16Gb Server Module q9


Sun Blade T6320 1.4GHz US T2 32GB 594-6076 541-3838 511-1304-08


Sun Microsystems Sun Blade X6250 2x2.33GHz QC 32GB RAM 2x73GB HD


Sun Blade X6220 2x2347 Quad Core


Sun Blade X6250 2 x 2.5Ghz CPU / 16GB / 4 x 73GB Hard Drive / REM Blade Module


SUN Microsystems SunBlade 150 380-0906-04 UltraSPARC-IIe 650MhZ 512MB RAM No HDD


SUN Blade 1500 Silver,1.5Ghz,4GB RAM/,120GB/DVD/XVR500, W:90days


Sun Oracle T3-1B Blade 7027111 8core 1.65GHz Base Server 7027106 No mem or disk


Sun X7501A B100s Blade 540-5078 650MHz 512MB Memory No Hard Drive


Sun X4-2B Blade Server


Sun Netra X6270 M2 Blade (Base Server) w/ 541-4078 Oracle 7048879


Sun Blade 2500 RED, 1 x 1.28GHz Workstation, 4GB Memory, 73GB HDD


Sun Blade T6300 Server Module/1.4 GHz, 8-core UltraSPARC T1


Sun Blade X6270M2 Server Module w/ 2.4GHz QC CPU, 48GB Ram, 2x 300GB SAS Drives


SUN Blade 1500 RED 1.1Ghz 4GB RAM 80GB DVD XVR100


SUN A39-UXB1 Blade 2500-Silver 1.6Ghz 8gbRAM/146gb-15K/DVD/XVR1200. W:90 days


Sun Microsystems Sun Blade X6250 2x2.33GHz QC 16GB RAM 2x73GB HD


Oracle Sun 541-2860 Blade X6270 Motherboard Assembly with warranty


Sun Blade X6450 Server Module


Sun X6440-AA Sun Blade 375-3559


Sun Blade T6340 1.4GHz US T2+ 128GB, 2 x 300GB 541-3008


Sun Oracle T5-1B Blade- 1 x 3.6/ 8 x 8GB/ 2 x 600GB- Clean RFB/ Tested/ Stock


SUN A41 Blade 150 650Mhz/512mbRAM/80GB,/DVD/XVR100 Graphic W:90 days


Sun Oracle X6270 Blade Server 2x Xeon X5690 2.8GHz 18x8GB (144GB) DDR3 Memory


Sun Blade X6270M2 Server Module/2.4GHz QC 16Gb 2x146Gb


Oracle Sun X6270 M2 Blade Server 2.26GHz, 4-Core/ 64GB/ 2x146GbHD


SUN A41 Blade 150 550Mhz/512mbRAM/40GB,/CD/Floppy, W:90 days


Sun X7512A B100x Blade 540-5548 1.53GHz 1GB Memory 30GB Hard Drive


Sun Microsystems Sunfire E2900 SERVER w/ 48GB RAM no HDD and monitor


Sun X6220 371-1592 Blade Server


Sun SunBlade 2500 UltraSparc IIIi 1.28GHz/4GB RAM/475W Computer Workstation


Sun Blade T6340 Server 8 Core 1.4Ghz 541-3008-05 64GB 2 x 146GB


SUN A29 Blade 2000 900Mhz 4gbRAM,146gbHDD,DVD,XVR1200 W :90days


Sun Blade T6340 Server 8 Core 1.2GHZ 32GB 2 x 146GB Raid T6340-281200B-B2


Oracle Sun 6270 M2 Blade QC 2.4GHz CPU 16GB Memory 2x 146 HDD RAID


Sun A81-AA NEW Blade 8000 Modular Base Chassis